Custom Designed Sugar Cookies

There's a cookie for that....designs for all occasions. Cookie prices depend on design detail and size. Please call for specific pricing.

Naked Cookie Kit

Everything you need to make your own cookie creations. Great for parties, showers, holidays. 2 dz minimum. Place your order on the order cookie tab.



Spring Time




Hawaiian Flowers

Mardi Gras

Spider Man

Graduations - logos

Dresses - Tuxes

Tattoo Cookies


Sugar Skulls

Sugar Cookie Pricing Guidelines

Custom handcrafted sugar cookies are edible pieces of art! Here are some basic pricing guidelines. Please contact me for more specific pricing on your custom sugar cookie order. 

1 to 2 color designs on approx 3 inch cookie starting @ $24/dz.  

2 to 3 color or more detail on 3 inch cookie starting @ $30/dz  

3+ colors, very detailed or larger cookies starting @ $40/dz. 

These are only approximate pricing guidelines, more detail, specific shapes or hand cut designs could include additional charges.