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Baseball cookies


ON SALE: $24.00 / dozen

Queenie Tea Biscuit


$10.00 / dozen

Toffee Crunch


$9.00 / dozen

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles


$9.00 / dozen

Sugar Cookie simple design


$24.00 / dozen



$8.00 / dozen

The traditional New Mexican cookie. A thick anise flavored sugar cookie dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Very popular around the holidays.

Naked Cookie Kit


$15.00 / dozen

Naked cookie kit provides you with everything you need to create your own masterpiece!

Molasses Cookie


$9.00 / dozen

Some would call this an old fashioned cookie. I just call it good. Crispy, with that distinct molasses flavor and a light dusting of sugar.

Vanilla Milkshake Cookie


$9.00 / dozen

A vanilla milkshake in a cookie.

Chocolate White Chip


$9.00 / dozen

Chocolate white chip

Oatmeal Chery Pecan Cookie


$10.00 / dozen

The classic oatmeal cookie with the addition of pecans and dried cherries. A perfect combination.

Peanut Butter


$9.00 / dozen

A cookie reminiscent of childhood. Another classic everyone loves.

Chocolate chip


$9.00 / dozen

The classic chocolate chip, everyone's favorite cookie.